Terms and conditions photo competition

These terms and conditions apply to the photo competition for NAC 2023.  By submitting the photo subbmission form you will agree upon the following terms and conditions.

General conditions of entry
  1. The submission of photographs to this competition automatically implies that the conditions of this competition have been accepted.
  2. Participants may submit only photographs they have taken themselves. If any photograph submitted infringes copyright, portrait rights or any other rights held by a third party, in any way whatsoever, the participant is fully responsible.
  3. Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, or 'AVG' in Dutch), if any person is recognizable in a photograph, the participant is responsible for gaining that person’s permission for the entry of the photograph in the competition and its further use.
  4. The competition organizers are entitled to refuse submissions that fail to meet competition conditions. The competition organizers may, but are not obliged to, provide reasons for refusal.
  5. A submission may be refused if, in the opinion of the competition organizers, the photograph contravenes the law, could incite someone to commit an offence, is discriminatory or insulting to any third party or disproportionally infringes the privacy of any third party.
  6. Persons who are involved in organizing the competition and/or the jury are not eligible to participate.
  7. Disputes will be settled in accordance with Dutch law.

  1. Submissions must be by the website of NAC 2023.
  2. The last date for submission is 24 February 2023.   Photographs submitted any later will not be accepted; these photographs will be neither judged nor used, nor will they be returned.
  3. Photographs must be submitted in the following file format: JPG. The resolution should be 300 dpi. The maximum permitted file size is 6 MB.
  4. Submissions must be accompanied by the following information: description, credit, when and where the photograph is taken.
  5. The competition organizers are not responsible for any loss of quality that may occur upon or after submission.
  6. Each participant may submit a maximum of one photograph.
  7. Photographs may be in black and white or color.

Judging and prizes
  1. Entries will be judged on the basis of the following criteria: 1. photographic quality; 2. originality and/or creativity.
  2. The jury may, but is not obliged to, make its verdicts known to the competition organizers, the participants or any other third party.
  3. The jury will read the accompanying information provided by the participant. However, the judging will be based solely on the assessment of the photographs submitted.
  4. The jury pre-selects five contestants from all photos submitted, which will be displayed at the conference location. From this selection an overall winner will be selected in a public vote.
  5. The winner will need to be present at the NAC during the price giving ceremony.
  6. Once the winner has been announced publicly, the winner is no longer permitted to withdraw from the competition or to nullify their participation.
  7. The winning photo will be featured in the geo.Brief magazine of the KNGMG and the winner receives a free registration for the next edition of the NAC.
  8. The winner also agrees to the publication of the winning photographs on the website, on posters and in social media of NAC and NWO.
  9. No correspondence will be entered into concerning the outcome of the competition nor the jury’s verdict.

Copyright and use
  1. In all cases, participants may submit only photographs they have taken themselves.
  2. In all cases, the participant must own the copyright in the submitted photograph. Participation in the competition involves the transfer of copyright.
  3. The participant guarantees that he or she is the holder of the rights in the photograph(s) he or she has submitted. In the event of liability due to (alleged) infringement of rights held by a third party with regard to the photograph – whether the matter concerns copyright or any other right – the participant indemnifies the competition organizers against this liability.
  4. In all cases, the participant has the right to be named in the credits as the photographer upon each publication of the photograph, in whatsoever media.
  5. Supplementary to the preceding in Article 4, the competition organizers are entitled to publish photographs that have been submitted – including photographs that did not win – after the announcement of the competition results in the context of a competition report or to promote the competition, and any photograph submitted may be published as an example photograph in the product database of the competition organizers. Participants are not entitled to impose any conditions on any such use nor to require remuneration.
  6. Under no circumstances are the competition organizers, the jury nor any third party permitted to manipulate, combine or otherwise change any photograph submitted by the participant without the participant’s prior written permission, and the context of the competition report provides no exception to this rule.