Poster Prize assessment criteria

The selection of the top-three posters will be performed by a dedicated poster jury, comprising the chair and a member of the Program Committee and a representative of the conference organisers. The poster jury will use the following criteria for their assessment: 

  1. Design and Lay Out – Is your attention drawn or not?
  2. Accessibility – Is the explanation of the research readable for outsiders?
  3. Content – How much is explained in how few words, and does the text encourage to read on?
  4. Structure – Is there a clear build-up of arguments/explanations?

If you want to increase your chances of winning the poster prize, make sure that you keep these four criteria in mind while preparing your poster. You can also read our dedicated page with tips about Scientific Poster Design.

In order to be eligible for winning the poster prize, it is required that the first author of the poster is present at the plenary session on Friday morning. A poster session is scheduled directly after the award ceremony, making this an ideal moment for conference participants to visit the posters of the winners and other nominees.