Poster Prize and assessment criteria

Due to recent growth of NAC and increase in the amount of posters at the conference, the poster sessions and poster prize will be organised differently starting 2020. Posters will be displayed only on one of the conference days, linked to the topics of parallel sessions. The procedure for the selection of nominees for the poster prize has also changed and requires you to take action if you want to win this prestigious prize. 

New selection procedure

The poster prize will only be awarded to early-career researchers. Competing for the prize is quite simple. Master students, PhDs and Postdocs can nominate their poster if they are the first author by submitting the title and abstract to the poster jury via email to, listing in the subject line: 'I nominate my poster'. Only posters that have been signed up in advance of the conference can compete. Easy does it, right?!

Assessment criteria

The selection of the top-three posters will be performed by a dedicated poster jury, comprising the chair and a member of the Program Committee and a representative of the conference organisers. The poster jury will use the following criteria for their assessment:

  1. Design and Lay Out – Is your attention drawn or not?
  2. Accessibility – Is the explanation of the research comprehensible for outsiders, even without the first author present?
  3. Content – How much is explained in how few words, and does the text encourage to read on?
  4. Structure – Is there a clear build-up of arguments/explanations?

If you want to increase your chances of winning the poster prize, make sure that you keep these four criteria in mind while preparing your poster. Please also read our dedicated page with our top tips for Scientific Poster Design.

Bare in mind, in order to win the poster prize it is required that the first author of the poster is present at the plenary award ceremony. If you are not present, you will forfeit the prize and it will be awarded to the runner-up.